Millennium Software Design, LLC

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What We Do

We love Open Source, also known as, Free (as in Freedom) Software. We love to tinker with it, test it out, configure it, build it, learn how it works, and most importantantly get stuff done with it. We know that others also love it, but they want to be able skip right to the getting stuff done part. We are here for you. Our subscriptions get you right to getting stuff done, and with our documentation and support team at your side, you are able to keep getting stuff done without interruption.

Who We Are

Bryan Murdock is the founder of Millennium Software Design, LLC. He is a Computer Engineer with 17 years of experience doing pre-silicon verification and software development. He has worked everywhere from small start-ups to large corporations like HP and SanDisk. He's been around the verification business since teams were just making the switch from UNIX workstations to Linux. He remembers debating whether assertions should be written in PSL, OVL, or 0-In. He started without a Verification Methodology, then used OVM, and then UVM.

Bryan loves helping teams come up to speed with new, more productive tools and techniques. He has led the verification teams at two hardware focused start-ups and enjoys sharing his knowledge by mentoring and training others.

Outside of engineering, Bryan loves to play in the mountains of Utah near his home, skiing in the winter and hiking and camping in the summer.

photo of Bryan Murdock