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Low Cost

Hopefully you've seen our tag line: "Bringing Low Cost, Flexibility, and Freedom to EDA." This post is going to talk about low cost. Yes, that means there will likely be posts about Flexibility and Freedom in the future too :-)

If you haven't seen our prices, take a look now. If those aren't much much lower than the prices you have seen for other EDA tools, please let me know. I'd be very surprised to hear that. Our least expensive offering comes out to only $8.25 a month to run it on one 4-core machine. Even our premium offering comes out to only $62.42 a month. How can we be so inexpensive?

Sales Model

One reason we don't cost as much as other EDA tools is our sales model. Our prices are right there on our website where you can make an easy purchase with a credit card. We don't have to pay salespeople to travel, take people out to lunch, and conduct extensive price negotiations. Buying our software is simple and straightforward and we pass the saving on to you.

Open Source

Licensing vs. Subscriptions

You have probably noticed that we don't sell licenses. Our software is all open source. There is no copyright license to sell you1. That part is free. What we do sell are subscriptions. I know, this is a little confusing if you've never seen it before. When Red Hat first introduced this model it confused me at first too. We already have a page explaining everything our subscriptions provide, so I won't go over that again. It is substantially more than you get when you download and (possibly compile and) run the open source code yourself. I feel like we offer a great value for a great price here, and because we treat you like fellow trustworthy professionals, we don't have to spend a lot of money on attorney fees, license enforcement, copyright protection schemes, and so forth. Again, we pass the savings on to you.

Development Costs

Going open source means that many of us collaborate on the development of these tools. This saves Millennium Software Design costs, cost savings that yet again we can pass on to you.

There are other advantages to open source besides cost, but I'll save that for another time.

Real Talk

Sometimes low-cost is a red flag. Sometimes low-cost indicates low quality or less features. Let's be frank about the state of these open source EDA tools today. While they have been around for quite a long time and they are higher quality than you might assume, it's true that they don't (yet!) have as many features as the proprietary tools. That being the case, how could they be of any benefit to you?

Consider this. Maybe you don't use all the features that the proprietary tools provide every time you run a simulation. Maybe you only need those features when running interactively and not when running regressions. Maybe your full-chip sims use features that your unit-level sims don't need. Why pay for those extra features for all the sims you run? Nobody is requiring you to completely replace your proprietary tools with our tools. Buy some subscriptions from us and see if you can't drop a few seats of your much more expensive tools. Remember, we have a 30-day, risk free, money back guarantee. Also, for those of you that have read this far, in these early days of Millennium Software Design, I'm making you a special offer (until I get swamped with people taking me up on this). No matter which support level you buy, I will personally get these tools up and running in your environment with your code. Think: free consulting! I think there's a lot of benefit in that offer for both me and you. Just use the contact form here to let me know you are interested.


Thanks for reading. If you have any other questions about our low cost, or about any other aspect of our business, don't hesitate to reach out. Also, I promise I'll have have some more technical and less marketing-filled posts soon.



That also means you don't have to run a license server! I'll expound on just how great that is in a future post.

Author: Bryan

Published: Feb. 18, 2020

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