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How to install the MSD Verification Suite

Thank you for purchasing our Design & Verification Suite. To install all the tools that it includes, first unpack the tarball that you downloaded:

cd ~/Downloads # or whever the downloaded file is located
tar xvf msd-design-and-verification-suite-v1.0.tar.xz

Then, cd into the directory created above and type the install command:

cd msd-design-and-verification-suite

Choose which OS you are installing on and then it will do the rest.

After installation, source the included msd.env in this directory to set up the tools in your shell environment:

. msd.env

After that you can run the basic version command with each tool to see that it is installed and working:

iverilog -V
verilator -V
ghdl --version
gtkwave -V
python3 # at prompt type: import cocotb

You can now access man pages (for those that have them) too:

man iverilog
man verilator
man gtkwave

For more help, please visit our documentation or support sites.