What is open source software?

Open source software is software that allows you to see, modify, and even share the source code. There is a well known company that creates, packages, and sells open source software, named, Red Hat. Their explanation of what open source is is wonderful and we won't try to do better. If you have questions about open source, we encourage you to read more at their site.

What are we doing with open source software?

Red Hat has done amazing things for operating systems and cloud software. Millennium Software Design is focused on software for designing Digital Integrated Circuits (ICs, or chips, like CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, etc.). If you work for a business that makes and sells digital integrated circuits and if it was around roughly 20 years ago, all of their design work was done on powerful and expensive UNIX workstations running an operating system that was closed source and proprietary. The design software they used was also closed source and proprietary.

Odds are, this business now does all of their design work on workstations running an open source operating system (possibly even Red Hat Enterprise Linux). This has brought amazing power and versatility to how engineering work is done, and has greatly lowered the costs. If your business also creates software, odds are also high that they use open source compilers, debuggers, test frameworks, and open source versions of all the other tools that software developers use to create that software.

Sadly, your business probably still does all of their digital IC design work using expensive proprietary closed source software, provided by the same vendors that they were using 20 years ago. This is the problem that Millennium Software Design aims to fix.