Our Support Levels


We have different tiers of support designed to meet your unique needs.

  Self-support Standard Premium
Access to MSD products, bugfixes, and updates X X X
Access to our knowledgebase in our Customer Portal X X X
Access to support engineers during standard business hours   X X
Access to support engineers 24x7 for high-severity issues     X

Read on if you need more details.

Support Terms of Service

  Self-support Standard Premium
Hours of coverage N/A Standard business hours Standard business hours (24x7 for Severity 1 and 2)1
Support channel None Web and phone Web and phone
Number of cases N/A Unlimited Unlimited
Response times Initial and ongoing response Initial and ongoing response Initial response Ongoing response
Severity 1 N/A 1 business hour 1 hour1 hour or as agreed
Severity 2 N/A 4 business hours 2 hours4 hours or as agreed
Severity 3 N/A 1 business day 4 business hours8 business hours or as agreed
Severity 4 N/A 2 business day 8 business hours2 business days or as agreed


1.In order to provide you with 24x7 coverage, Millennium Software Design requests that you identify a dedicated point of contact who will be available until the issue is resolved. NOTE: Severity 2 issues are not automatically set to 24x7 coverage after filing a support case, and 24x7 coverage should be explicitly requested if applicable.